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Additional to Lesson 1: Mini Por Thor Ceremony on 22 April, 2017

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Based on GM's guidance, AMTCT family conducted a mini Por Thor ceremony on 22 April, 2017 in Cheras. The ceremony was conducted to appease the spirits of Hell, whom we may have knowingly or unknowingly offended/hurt/insulted during the course of our lives. The appeasement was required as per the teachings on the "Four Realms" shared by our GM. And this was to deal with the Hell Realm.

Students preparing the offerings (Lotus) for the spirits

Offerings collected at the burning spot

The essence of the ceremony was basically that the students will provide an offering (in terms of food, drinks, money and precious metals/items) to compensate for the mistakes they have committed. The spirits of Hell may then accept the offerings and thereby forgive and let go their grouse with the students. If the spirits were not satisfied with the offerings (may be due to the reason that the "offence" was too big as compared to the quantity of appeasement offerings), the student will then be asked to negotiate with the spirits and come to a settlement amount. Quite similar to how an out-of-court settlement is done in this world!

The setup for the ceremony

1. Spirit Room - A makeshift 4-walled room of cloth was created with one of the walls being in black in color and the rest being white. Students were asked to sit in the room for a while (approximately 5 minutes) facing the black wall.

GM: "The first of its kind in Asia whereby clients/students can directly negotiate with the spirits. Instead of believing in what the so called medium say, you must do this or that, the clients/students are given a certain set of guidelines to follow and ask the spirits. This will make the experience much more profound and real. Then they would know that spirits actually exist. Por Thor is for the the spirits not for the souls. Soon, on hungry ghost festival, it is for the spirits also. Souls day would be different."

Offerings table with food for the spirit

Offerings being burnt for the spirits

GM: "We are the first in Malaysia to have a spirit room and have allowed participants to feel the reality of their existence. The Spirit room was for everyone to see or feel the spirits or even talk to them. But most of you went in and closed your eyes. Using the Sing </span><span style="color: #993300;">Pui</span><span style="color: #993366;"> only to guide yourselves. You all should have focused on the black cloth and see if you can see the spirits coming and if you can talk to them allow them to talk to you. A very good but wasted opportunity. For those who did congrats. Their existence becomes much more real to you. But those who did not, well I can only say you are still not willing to advance forward.

2. Sing Pui - This is a pair of wooden pieces in the shape of a kidney.

GM: "Sing Pui is a traditional Taoist method of getting a "yes" and "no" answer, just like throwing a bunch of sticks to see the number is either odd or even; or shaking the coins in I-Ching; or as simple as tossing the coin to get a "yes" and "no" answer. This Sing Pui is part of traditional methods used only for ritual purposes. In case the clients/student are too afraid or cannot communicate with the spirits, this method would be used."

3. Offerings Table

GM: "Offerings on the table is for the burning ceremony later. Whatever food stuff placed there will be burnt later."

4. Fire Offerings Spot

GM: "The Taoist believe, only by burning can the spirits receive the offering. After all, they lived in hell which is or as hot as the lava from a volcano."

The presence of Orbs indicate that the offerings have been accepted by the spirits

Student Experience

Coach Natalya: "In the meditation room, when I started to talk with them, my heartbeat increased and they surround me from behind. After asking forgiveness, the answer was yes. Felt light and they disappeared. Also, it was hard to stay outside while everybody was praying - felt dense space. After burning the fire, it felt like an open space. Also, I felt my mind becoming much clearer and lighter."

"After No. 5 (O Sensei Astrix) told me to add the fruit, I remembered. Yes, I had the idea to buy fruits when I was in the supermarket, but it was not on the list. So I thought it was just my own wish or habit to eat something sweet after a meal. I offered food for Anna and I asked if it is enough, they told me to add another RM 30."

T Chai: "When I entered the meditation room, asking for forgiveness and expressing my offering, I felt a sticky energy stick on my whole body and as if the energy was pressing on me. It really felt uncomfortable to speak to them, especially inside! since there was no air circulation and my body was so sticky. After adding in additional offerings to them, I still felt the things stick on my body (wherever I go) until the burning time. After that, my body felt much lighter and I felt the air circulation around me."

Evon: "I went into the tent and asked the being for forgiveness. I offered food and money. I felt my heart beating faster and was surrounded by energy. It was very cold, but I could not see them. I used the Seng Pui but they said no. So, I bargained with them for a while. I used the Seng Pui again. This time, they said yes and I told them to go back to their place. When I came out of the tent, I felt my body much lighter."

Ms. Lor: "Before I went into the spirit room, I was very nervous. When inside the room, I stated my name, I felt goosebumps. I only got a "yes" in the 3rd attempt of throwing the "Seng Pui". After that, I felt relieved and I felt much lighter."

Kim: "I did not see the spirits but I felt it. And then, my heart was pounding very fast. After that the cloth on my right was flapping very fast. I asked for forgiveness and sent the offerings and felt peace. I threw the bamboo couplets (Sing Pui) and it fell down with one facing up and one facing down."

Sheelah: "The moment I entered the tent, I felt safe. While praying and expressing my offering, I had a sense of acceptance. Then I was moved emotionally and felt heard. It was a beautiful experience."

Ms. Wong: "After entering the tent and placing my offerings, I felt some presence although I did not see anything. I felt goose pimples from my both of my shoulders to my hands. The air was cooling and still. After asking for forgiveness and presenting my offerings, no longer have the goose pimples. The air was no longer still and I felt lighter and relieved. "Sing Pui" after the third time."

Anita: "When I walked into the room, I felt it was very calming and cooling. I called all my invisible brothers and sisters whom I had offended knowingly and unknowingly. My heart started beating very fast. I felt movement around me (I can say prickly or electric) and felt anger energy and I kept on saying, "I am sorry. Please take this as my offering and release me" and I asked, "Is this offering enough?" Initially, I sensed noisiness (like there is no answer) then, I used the Seng Pui. My eyes were open all the time. I asked again, "Is the offering was enough?" The answer was a laugh and I could really sense them laughing like "Ha ha you think so?". Then I asked if 50 is good enough and it was laughing again. Here I sensed as if it was mocking me. I then said I want an answer if was 50 enough. Then it was a no. Please take the offering at 60 and then it was a yes. I sat there for a while, felt cooling sensation again but then there was a feeling of something wa still around and I then came out. I could see white small shadows on the black cloth. I came to O Sensei Winson and he knew I had to add more to the offerings. I explained my experience to Assistant Shihan Rebecca and she said they are still around and when it comes to the burning ceremony, the lotus will set free. Later I walked into 7-11 with Shefeeque and chose a drink (that too something that I would never have chosen - 100 plus, the red colored one). And I drank it. I took the extra top up and scattered at the burning place and that's when I saw O Sensei Astrix. I was still feeling uncomfortable and she asked are you okay and I said yes. Then I saw her walking around me and then I saw her standing at the back and here I am thinking what is she doing. I was sensing some spirits but I stopped paying attention thinking that it might be my mind. Then she told me to buy Sprite. And I did. I felt the energy around was so heavy and there was restlessness around."

Sensei Lee Yen: "When I went into the tent, I sat and meditated with my eyes closed for a while. With a clear intention of asking for forgiveness, I opened my eyes looking at the black cloth. There were movements that I could sense. I cast the couplets of "Seng Pui" while asking for forgiveness with the offerings. The result was both up twice and I could feel the density. My heart was pounding and my breath was heavy. I asked for their extra offerings of RM50 and they agreed. I thanked them and walked out the tent to place the offerings. I can feel that the heart is light and calm."

Sensei Lau: "When I start to asked for forgiveness, I felt a cool energy with strong sensation surrounding me. And I felt lighter after offering the papers (money) and food. The energy at the shop was lighter compared to outside, especially near the spirit room. When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel tired as compared to before."

Sensei Patrick: "When I was in the Spirit room, I mentioned my name and asked for forgiveness. I felt the air was calm and with cooling energy surrounding my body. I felt very much lighter when the offering was accepted by using the "Sing Pui"."

O Sensei Svetlana: "In the meditation room, when asking them to revel to me, I felt surrounded by many spirits. The space became very warm and the energy was very dense. Afterwards, when asking for forgivness I felt very light. When I went outside to place the food and offerings, there were many spirits waiting there, the air was itchy and it was like moving around that side (where the spirits were waiting)."

O Sensei Winson:"I did cleansing for everyone who were in the spirit room, some of them had sticky and gross energy. Lots of spirits had surrounded me. The surrounding air was chilling when I was scanning Assistant Shihan Rebecca. I saw No.5's (O Sensei Astrix) tummy bulging while she was praying outside the spirit room. I sensed the spirits were surrounding everyone eagerly waiting for us to burn the offering to them. Once the fire started, the energy became warm. The fire was hotter, a lot different than normal burning during New Year time. Some spirits followed me home. I had to order them to leave before I entered my home. Thanks to GM for the guidance."

O Sensei Astrix: "I didn't enter the tent (Spirit Room). Since the offering started, I saw my debtor and they told me what they want and I added it. Then one of No. 14's (Coach) debtor told me that it wanted a fruit (apple) from her. So, I asked coach if she brought any fruits with her but she hadn't. After a while, No. 13 (Lee Yen) mentioned that she had an apple and she agreed to give it to coach as an offering. Then, one of the spirits told me that it wanted a sprite from Anita. I asked it to tell her but seem like it could not manage to connect with Anita. Instead, it just kept saying Sprite, Sprite, Sprite, until I had to go and ask Anita to buy one for them. Anita could find only 7-up from the nearby 711. The spirit told me that they are happy with 7-up. Another incident was when No. 3 (Assistant Shihan Rebecca) took out the debtor money, they said they want more of it, and then suddenly my right upper breast started to feel pain until I brought more. Then the pain reduced by 99%. The remaining pain continued until brother 22 (Shefeeque) bought some more to burn. Then the pain was gone completely. During the burning last night, I observed that there was no wind, yet the fire was burning as if there was a heavy wind. When I observed the nearby tree, only a part of the tree (leaves) were moving. Before I left for home, I observed a few more spirits waiting but eventually, they said they were happy and satisfied."

O Sensei Joseline: "Been attending Thou Fatt's (TF) prayer since the beginning, but last evening's event was different. I didn't go into the tent, but whenever I went out of the shop, I felt the presence of many spirits. I felt electric vibration around me and heaviness on my crown. This feeling reduced whenever I went into the shop. But if I sat near the energy emitting from the offering (meat), my head would feel painful. After burning, the heavy feeling was lighter."

O Sensei Bibiana: "Last night I prayed in front of the offering table. I felt the presence of many beings waiting around outside of TF (Thou Fatt), especially around the table and the money. After the prayer, the beings said the offering are enough and they are happy with it, but if I want to add more, they are happy to accept. Anyway, I didn't add more, and I felt lighter instantly after the prayer. During the burning time, the energy surrounding TF became calmer and not more dense."

Assistant Shihan Rebecca: "We have been doing prayers on a yearly basis for the past 2 years. Welcoming Prosperity God on CNY Eve, praying to Jade Emperor on 9th day of CNY, etc. But last night's prayer was indeed very different."

"Before the ceremony started, there were beings that started to gather. Around 10:00 PM, the energy outside were so dense that some sensitive students had to stay in the shop. As I walked around the parameters, I could feel very mild vibration around me. Like a very mild electric current. More sensation were felt around my legs."

"Perhaps, I had somehow offended some beings there. Around 10:00 PM, when I walked from the offering area to the shop, I felt pain "in" my sole. The pain was focused on a certain point. I never had that pain before. I knew I had stepped on "something/someone" that I shouldn't. I picked up some offerings from the shop, and asked O Sensei Winson to scan if my sensing was correct. He gave a warning to the spirit. Then I stood in front of the offering place holding the stack of offerings and asked the spirit for forgiveness and acceptance of the offerings. I felt a surge of energy leaving my pain-point. As I walked back to the shop again, the pain was no longer there."

"When we burned the paper offerings, it was very different from previous prayers too. Last time only ashes were being carried up by the wind. Fire died off completely when the ashes were 3-4 feet in the air. Last night the paper flew up when they were still burning. Some only burn off completely when they were 15-20 feet above ground. During the burning, the surrounding energy became lighter and lighter, and back to normal when we were cleaning up."

"Thank you GM, for bringing me back to reality and guiding me to understand that we are indeed living in the material world. I cannot be focusing only on heaven and be ignorant of the other realm that also govern this world we are currently living in."

"Last night, Sheelah asked whether my understanding of prayers are through cultivation or traditional upbringing? I would like to share one experience (As most of you know that my understanding of traditions is very limited). This is about the debtor money (paper money) O Sensei Astrix mentioned. We had some in stock when we took over the shop. For 2 years, we sold little of it. I didn't know what it was used for. I was told that the Hockien like to burn it for their ancestors. Few months ago, GM brought us to one temple and we were asked to burn offering to his debtors. One of the item was this paper money. That time, I had a strong feeling that the debtors wanted this. It's very valuable to them. Since then, I have packaged this in all the repayment offering we sell. Few days ago, I searched internet for info on this. Apparently, according to Taoism, this is highly valued. One pack is equivalent to 10 thousand."

"What I wanted to say is, knowledge has limits. There's only so much we can read in one life time. But through cultivation, through learning what GM and Shihan have taught us, we can understand beyond knowledge."

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