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Additional to Lesson 1: My visit to Hell

I went to Hell for whatever reasons (not too sure). In Hell, I observed many spirits and souls living there. There are also large prisons in Hell. I found out that, those who died from a sinful life will immediately be sent to a court for judgment and then sent to a prison. The prison sentences seemed like an eternity for those who were sent there. I neither did get to go in and see the prisons, nor I do think I can take it if I see the punishments given there. It seems to be ongoing forever.

My conversation with Emissary of Hell It was here that I met my guide. He is known as the "Emissary of Hell". He told me that they have a community of souls and spirits living here in Hell.

I said, "Thought once you die, you get to be reborn right away."

He said, "Yes and No. Yes, are for those who have merits but not enough to go to Heaven."

I said, "How about those who are here?"

He replied, "Those who are here, did neither anything evil nor hurt anyone nor killed anyone. They did not do any big harms when they were alive."

I then asked if they would be here forever.

He again said, "Yes and No. Yes, if they learn to do cultivation like what is taught to living people."

I said, "Seriously? Cultivation here in Hell?"

He said, "Yes. But it is going to be very hard. When these souls come here they still have a longing for comfort and are greedy. These souls are those when alive, knew only how to work, do business and lead a very unaware life, which means they don't care about anybody's suffering. They only care for fame and fortune for themselves and their loved ones. When they are here, they still have this mentality. For them, to suddenly realize and do cultivation is a lot harder. Here we have the Buddha of Hell who teaches them cultivation but unfortunately, they just don't bother. We can't force them."

I said, "Wait a minute. How come I cannot recognize any races here? They all look grayish and pale."

The Emissary laughed and said, "Race exists only when you are alive. When you die, you are a soul. No race here."

Then I said, "What about the teachings of their own religion when they were alive?"

He replied, "It is for them to enter heaven when they die, but if they lived sinful lives, they are going to be here. The only teacher, compassionate enough to help them, is the Buddha of Hell. You know there is no other Deities that are willing to stay in Hell? He is the only one. He has great compassion to these souls."

I asked, "Their next of kin, who are alive, when they do offerings like burning of paper effigies (of houses, cars, maid, money and other things), do these souls receive it?

He smiled and said, "Only those who are living here and not those who are in prison. If their (prisoners) next of kin burn effigies for them, it just becomes ashes, a total waste. Only those who are here receives it."

I asked, "But I don't see any souls driving a car or staying in a luxury house. They are still wandering around."

He said, "Yes, you don't see any of it but they think they do. You see, when they were alive, they were always working for money, fame and glamor which meant they were always searching. You see, they are always moving about. Hardly talking to other lost souls."

I said, "Wow! This is very interesting. So, if I burn offerings to them, they would think they have it but from what I see, nothing."

He said, "Again, when they were alive they thought money, fame and glamor are everything but actually it is just an illusion of the society."

I asked, "How do I gain enough merits to go to Heaven or be liberated from suffering?"

He said, "You mean liberated, as in becoming a Buddha?"

I said, "No, but just tell me how much merits do I need to go to Heaven?"

He just smiled and shook his head.

I asked, "What do they eat and drink here?"

He laughed again. "Eating and drinking are only for those who are alive."

I told him that we just did a mini Poh Thor offerings to pay our debts.

He said, "Yes and it was received by the spirits."

I asked, "You mean spirits eat and drink?"

He said, "Nope. They just absorb the energy."

I then thanked him for guiding me and I came back to reality which is actually an illusion after all. Souls and spirits in Hell

The community of souls in Hell which are not in prison are called wandering souls. They are let free once a year just to take a breather from Hell. But there are situations where they escape. They (from Hell) then will send Black and White officers to go out and bring them back.

On our Chinese calendar, July 14 is their day away from Hell. So, when we burn paper effigies for them, they are delighted and happy. We accumulate merits also. That is, those who do this ritual, they get good blessings from above. Imagine, we are doing this ritual for brothers/sisters that we don't know about.

Q: "Do these wandering souls still have memories of their loved ones?"

GM: "If they just moved to Hell, probably yes. But if they have been there for say about 100 of our earth years, they would have forgotten their loved ones already. That is why, so many Mediums, when they are trying to find them in Hell, they are unable to do so, not because they have reincarnated but they have forgotten who they are. Their names or any identities, they have no recollection of it."

Q: "How about human beings who believe in other religions? Will it be same to them, whether they are believers or not?"

GM: "When they are still new in Hell, possibly, they can still receive your chanting because they still remember who they are but after a while, no. Buddhist chanting and prayers are basically the same. All the power depends on the sender. If the sender is very dedicated and understands what he/she is doing then the prayers can reach these wandering souls. But like I said, only for a finite period of time only."

"Chanting or prayers help them remember that there is hope to leave that place. But they must do lots of cultivation by listening to the teaching of the Dec Jong Wong Boddhisatva/Buddha of Hell."

"Religion, if you read carefully my conversation with the Emissary of Hell, is only for them to go to Heaven. But once they die, there is no more Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, European etc. They are just souls. No races there. Everything is greyish in color."

"In Islam, there is Hell. In Taoism, there is Hell. In Greek mythology, there is Hell. In the Norse or Vikings mythology, there is also Hell. But once in Hell, no more my religion or your religion. No more I am Chinese and you are European."

Q: "Can you please elaborate about the Buddha of Hell? Besides those who are in prison and those who are not, is there a hierarchy?"

GM: "The Buddha of Hell is actually a Boddhisatva. A level lower than Buddha. He was enlightened when he was alive and achieved his Buddha-hood (enlightenment). But when he was face to face with Buddha, he requested to stay in a form so he can go and help all those who are suffering in Hell. He was granted. He took a vow not to enter Nirvana until the last soul is free from Hell. Just like the lady Quan Yin or his real name is Avalokiteswara. He/she also enlightened during his/her life time and was awarded Buddha-hood but declined until all the sufferings on earth is no more."

"It is just like living here, where we have prisoners in prisons. In Hell, all the souls are the same. No hierarchy. But for Spirits, yes. Spirits are of those animals or plants that somehow did some cultivation in their lives, they may have given shade to others when it was hot (plants or trees) and may have shown some mercy to others and not killing them for food (animals). When they perished, they were instantly transformed into spirits. They have souls too but are not evolved. So, heaven is not a place for them. Until, as a spirit, they do cultivation."

"Our Creator has created many forms of living entities/souls. Humans are not the only ones."

Q: "For those who can enter the Bardo realm, they can still help the wondering souls, right?"

GM: "Those are the lost souls. They are shocked out from their human life. In the realm of Bardo, they are confused and lost. They keep repeating their last action from their memory, until someone comes and wake them up. They are not in Hell, but in a constant quantum loop repeating their actions over and over again."

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