Awakening the Cosmic Power in You (Eco Resort Package)

Imagine, if you possess the skills of knowingother's characteristics without the person being present in front of you;

If you can tell at once if others are lying to you;

If you can know whether things/people surrounding you are good for you, would your world be different?

AMTCT presents a 4 day workshop for people from outside of Malaysia to come learn the skills that will pave the road to success and a smooth journey. The workshop will be set in a idlylic and peaceful eco resort.

What would you learn:

  • Understanding energy works.

  • Understand how it can benefit your life.

  • Learn to scan individual's bio energy and understand what these energies mean.

  • Learn to scan the quality and strength of one's energy. (applicable to both living and non-living objects)

  • Learn to scan the energy of your business and investments.

  • Learn to scan dice numbers. (don't just depend on luck)

  • And much more.....

Brief Itinerary

Day One

12.00 noon -

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