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Awakening the Cosmic Power in You (Eco Resort Package)

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Imagine, if you possess the skills of knowing other's characteristics without the person being present in front of you;

If you can tell at once if others are lying to you;

If you can know whether things/people surrounding you are good for you, would your world be different?

AMTCT presents a 4 day workshop for people from outside of Malaysia to come learn the skills that will pave the road to success and a smooth journey. The workshop will be set in a idlylic and peaceful eco resort.

What would you learn:

  • Understanding energy works.

  • Understand how it can benefit your life.

  • Learn to scan individual's bio energy and understand what these energies mean.

  • Learn to scan the quality and strength of one's energy. (applicable to both living and non-living objects)

  • Learn to scan the energy of your business and investments.

  • Learn to scan dice numbers. (don't just depend on luck)

  • And much more.....

Brief Itinerary

Day One

12.00 noon Arrive in Eco Resort, check in and briefing.

Introduction to Energy Works.

The Human Bio Energy System.

Energy Psychology ~ How psychology is reflected in bio energy.

Hands on practice.

Day Two

Full Day More practices on scanning.

Applications of energy scanning in daily life.

Techniques to enhance scanning accuracy

Durian Feast

Day Three

Full Day Scanning techniques and practices.

Check out from Eco Resort, check in to Genting Field training ~ Dice scanning.

Field training ~ Dice scanning

Free and Easy

Day Four

Half Day Review, Revise, Reaffirm.

Check out at 10am.

Lunch and visit Bird Nest Factory.

Depart to KLIA.

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