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Reiki & Kriya Payattu (Psychic Self Defense) Testimonials

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Dr. Kana, Age: 50+ (1999)

I am a medical doctor by profession. I am also a trained and qualified homeopathy doctor and an acupuncture therapist. After getting to know reiki and trained with Bahauddin, I began to use reiki on one of my cancer patient. She was going through chemo therapy. With reiki I noticed that none of the side effects which normally occur in the course of chemo therapy arise in her. She could actually go shopping after chemo therapy.

Mdm Rebecca, Age 40+ (1999):

I am a house wife. I have 3 children who are in the secondary school. My son was in his year 3 high school, sitting for his SRP examinations. All these while, he had only averages passes in his examinations. After learning reiki from Bahauddin, I decided to give reiki to my son, trying to improve his energy field so that he could pay more attention to his studies and hope that his grades would improved. After giving him reiki for about 3 months, in his final examinations, he scored 7As.

Dr. Fadil, Age: 40+ (2000):

I have been a businessman, a net worker, a motivator and also a spiritual practitioner. Throughout my life long journey I have often seek knowledge and various forms of healing therapies. When I met Bahauddin and learned reiki from him, my lifestyle and business have improved tremendously. I once manage to restore a patient who had lost her voice for 15 years within 30 minutes of treatment and also a patient who is paralyzed for 4 years, to walk within 2 weeks. Now I have patients from as far as Brunei Darul Salam and East Malaysia seeking my assistance.

Datin Daniah, Age: 67 (2001):

I had pains on my joints especiallyat the areas where I have to bend when performing my prayers. I was introduced to Reiki by a friend. I met up with reiki master Bahauddin Yap. I told him of my predicament. Within a few seconds, all my paints were relieved without any medication or herbs. All he did were he snapped his fingers a few times. Later after becoming a reiki master under his guidance, I came to know how the dynamics behind the snapping of the fingers. I have since treated patients and friends with success.

Datin Daniah, Age: 67 (2001):

I had pains on my joints especially at the areas where I have to bend when performing my prayers. I was introduced to Reiki by a friend. I met up with Reiki master Shihan Yap. I told him of my predicament. Within a few seconds, all my paints were relieved without any medication or herbs. All he did was snapping his fingers a few times. Later when I became a Reiki master under his guidance, I came to know the dynamics behind the snapping of the fingers. I have since treated patients and friends with success.

Mr. Megat, Age: 40+ (2002):

I was under constant pain all over my body and had EDS for more than 10 years. I have been to various specialist, doctors and traditional healers. After only 2 treatments from Bahauddin Yap, my pains disappeared and my sex life improved.

Datin Rashidah, Age 60+ (2002):

I came to know Shihan Yap through a friend. At that time, I had cataracts. I just had my right eye operated not too long ago and now, my left eye is giving the same problem. I would have to spend another RM7000 if I had to go for another operation. I asked Shihan Yap if it was possible to be treated with Reiki. He tried five sessions of Reiki with me and my cataract disappeared without any medications or operation. Now my left eye is seeing much more clearly than my operated right eye.

Tan Sri Zakaria, Age: 70+ (2004):

I came to know about alternative therapy long before I met Shihan Yap. Having an ailment of the lungs (hardening of the lungs), I decided to opt for alternative rather than surgery. I decided to learn Reiki to improve my health. After about 6 months, my lung conditions began to improve and are back to normal now. I can never thank the founder of reiki Dr. Mikao Usui (1894) enough for introducing this fabulous healing art to the world. I am now a level 3 practitioner of the Usui system of healing.

Puan Sri Razima, Age: 60+ (2004):

I had fibroid for a long time. I came to know about Integrated Studies of Inner Science Sdn Bhd from a friend who got treated by one of the therapists there. I came with my husband Tan Sri Zakaria. He did not seek the treatment but took up Reiki under Shihan Yap. I seek the treatment from Nur Aini. She only treated me 3 times and upon checking with the medical doctor, the doctor said that my fibroid is gone. I have also studied Reiki with Shihan Yap. I am now a level 3 practitioner.

Mdm Erica: Age: 30+ (2005):

I had gal bladder stones. It was quite big and painful. According to the doctors and the scan from the hospitals, I was recommended to go for surgery. I met O Sensei Rebecca at Miri Reiki Center. After 3 sessions of treatment, each not more than 30 minutes, my gal bladder stones was nowhere to be found. It has completely disappeared under the scan from the hospitals. I was so amazed with Reiki that I took up the workshop with Shihan Yap and O Sensei Rebecca. I am now a Reiki 2 practitioner together with my husband.

Mdm Koang: Age: 30+ (2005):

Fibroid in the womb. I met O Sensei Rebecca in the Miri Reiki Center. After 1 treatment, I was in pain for almost the whole day but after consulting with the doctor, he found out that the fibroid has disappeared.

Miss Roslina: Age 30+ (2002):

I learn Reiki and Kriya Payattu from Shihan Yap in 2000. On the eve of Raya, my brother, two sisters and I decided to do last minute shopping. We met with an accident which took the life of my elder sister and critically injured my brother and younger sister. I was not injured in anyway, not even a scratch was found on me. I was in the emergency ward with the rest of the accident victims and was chased away by the doctor thinking I was a busybody. Only after intervention from the police who told the doctor that I too was one of the accident victim, did he allowed me to be in the ward. Disbelief that I was not injured in anyway, he put me through various test and scanning and found that I was in perfect condition. I faithfully acknowledge my survival from injury to Kriya Payattu.

Mdm Zainab: Age: 50+ (2003):

I learn Kriya Payattu in order to protect myself and my family from all forms of harm. At first I was just a half hearted believer as nothing much ever happens in my life but since a friend sponsored me to take up the workshop, I had no choice but to attend it. I had to practice the stipulated time of 30 days in order to familiarize myself. In between that 30 days period, I often transfer my shield to my only daughter who uses the town bus to go to school. One day after returning home from school, she told me that she met with an accident. She was standing at the staircase of the bus when the bus stops abruptly. She fell face forward onto the metal stairs. I asked her if she was hurt or was in pain and she told me no. I was so surprised that not a mark of injury was found on her. I am now a true believer and practitioner of Kriya Payattu.

Mrs. Teoh: Age: 50+ (2003):

I am a full time housewife and a retired RN nurse. I took up Reiki and Kriya Payattu as a hobby. One day, together with a group of retiree, I visited a fruit plantation. While I was busy talking to my fellow retirees not looking where I was walking, suddenly an invisible force pushed me back. I look around and saw no one was near enough to push me. Upon looking ahead I saw a very low, huge branch that I might have walk straight onto it if this invisible force did not push me back. I truly believe that this invisible force is my psychic shield.

Mr. Kok: Age: 40+ (2005):

I met Shihan Yap in one of his previews. I was skeptical at first but decided to take up this workshop just to understand it more. One night, after learning Kriya Payattu, I was on my way out to throw rubbish when out of no where a female dog who just delivered some puppies came out and bit me on my leg. The dog did not just bite me but while biting me, she tried to jerk a few times. I thought that was it! I am sure to have some punctured wounds and might be bleeding. Out of automatic response, I shook my leg loose and ran into my car. To my surprised, there were no puncture wound or any wound at all. I truly believe in the protection of Kriya Payattu psychic shield.

Master Azad (Reiki Master) Age: 30+ (2005):

I took up Kriya Payattu with Shihan Yap in early 2005. It completely changed my life for the better. I got 4 salary increments and a beautiful wife, all after practicing this wonderful art. Kriya Payattu made me a more positive person and my relationship with others improved tremendously. I have since completed my mastery in Reiki with Shihan Yap.

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