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Charity Talk - Scientific Basis of Energy Medicine (14 September, 2017) - Oasis Fitness, Permas Jaya

Shihan Lim will be chairing a talk on Energy Medicine in this event where all the proceeds of the talk will go to charity. You will be introduced to the world of Energy Medicine and Healing. Come join us and unveil the mystery around the world Energy Works.

Here is the agenda for the session:

  • Introduction to Energy Healing

  • What is Energy?

  • Scientific evidence of Life Force Energy

  • Human Energy Field (in Medical Science)

  • The Living Matrix

  • How Healing Energy is generated?

  • How Healing Energy is transferred or removed?

  • Aura and Chakra System in Energy Healing

  • Assessment of Human Energy System (Scanning)

  • Energy Healing Protocol (Cleansing and Energizing)

  • Various types of Energy Healing modalities

  • Q&A and Demo Session

Please register in this website and book a seat.

Contact Us: Please contact us at for details.

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