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Diseases – The seven stages of manifestation and materialization

Updated: May 20, 2019

How diseases materialize

In the present day, when someone gets sick or is diagnosed with a terminal disease, do we ever think how and why it happens? What mechanisms are involved in materializing the sickness? Definitely it is not due to some inter-galactic phenomena in the universe that occurred yesterday causing the disease to be materialized on our physical body today! It must be a complicated process involving various bio-chemical reactions in our body (that the modern medical science always relates to viral and bacterial activities). If we can decode and understand this process, we can prevent diseases. Prevention is better than cure!!!

Seven stages of diseases

With the understanding that the human body has not only a physical body consisting of skeletal, tissue and nerve systems but also has an AURA which acts as a protection shield to our physical body, we can have a better insight into causes of diseases. Once our AURA gets weakened, then there is a possibility of invasion by external elements (including but not limited to virus or bacteria) that will eventually cause diseases. This process can be sub-divided into seven stages.

Stage 1: Primary Pre-Symptomatic

Mild sickness is an indicator of energy congestion

All of us have experienced sickness before, be it a simple running nose or sore throat. Have you noticed that, 2-3 days prior to a sickness, you experience some symptoms such as being agitated, angry, moody or unable to get a good sleep?

What actually happens at this stage is that our AURA is being weakened by negative forces (either internally created by ourselves from our own emotions or contamination by external forces). There could also be a possibility that there is some kind of energy congestion in our AURA/energy systems/meridian and for more severe cases, there could be a leak of energy from our energy systems. In most cases, we will experience fatigue and if we can have enough rest and some exercise to restore the energy movement, we can be well again.

At this stage, most people will not consult a medical doctor, knowing very well that if they did, there is nothing much the doctor can diagnose. However, an experienced “energy therapist” will be able to scan the area of energy congestion in the body and with a simple energy cleansing, everything will be brought back to normal.

Alternatively, we can also use some of the available ENERGY PRODUCTS that work on vibrational medicine principle (if we can’t get Energy Therapist in time or during an “emergency” situation). Such products work pretty well during this stage before the disease develops to stage 2.

Viral and bacterial infection is an after effect of a weakened energy system

Stage 2: Secondary Pre-Symptomatic

In stage 2, the energy congestion is more severe, causing blockages or imbalances in our major chakra system. These blockages are so severe that our chakras are unable to process and remove waste/dirty energy from our energy system and thereby retards/weakens our self-healing mechanism.

An energy therapist can restore the self-healing mechanism.

We may experience short breathing and/or physical body discomfort that can’t be described or articulated accurately even though we know that something is wrong with our body.

If we consult a medical doctor, nothing can be obviously found in pathological diagnosis. However, if you seek help from energy therapists, they will be able to remove the energy congestion in the chakra system and restore the self-healing mechanism. With a few sessions of therapy, the situation will be reverted to Stage 1 and then being well again in couple of days (depending on how fast the individual can assimilate the energy).

Stage 3: Primary Symptomatic

Each of our organ’s function is related to a particular chakra. For example, our heart chakra controls the function of our physical lung and heart.

At stage 3, severe energy blockages at chakras may cause energy blockage at related organs. Once the organs have energy blockage/imbalance, it will not function at optimum level. In most cases, our physical body will still not be able to feel the pain yet but pathological test or medical check-up may pick up some symptoms or imbalances of bio-chemical activity. Medical doctors may prescribe some medication to enhance the organ function or to reduce the symptoms.

Advanced energy therapists will be able to detect particular organs that have energy imbalance or blockages. Most techniques or healing modality will be able to restore the organs’ function and revert the situation back to stage 2.

Stage 4: Symptomatic with Pain/Discomfort

Pain can be felt at stage 4 due to permanent blockage of energy or manifestation of “disease energy” into a physical form. In other words, our physical body is already affected and most people will seek medical doctor for removal or reduction of pain/discomfort/symptoms. In most cases, the medication can effectively remove the discomfort temporarily.

The symptom will surface again after the medicine passes out from the body. The symptom can only be permanently removed after the energy blockage at the particular organ/area is resolved by an energy therapist. Our body’s self-healing mechanism can eventually resolve the blockage but it may take a longer time.

Seeking assistance from an energy therapist is similar to how you would jump-start a car with weak battery. Once the car is started, the alternator will recharge the weak battery and restore its capacity.

Stage 5: Acute

What Einstein postulated has an absolute relevance in energy works.

Leaving stage 4 condition untreated will develop to stage 5 which requires long term medication to suppress the symptoms or minor invasive treatment to remove the “physicalized” area. Prolonged medication may cause other side effects which may not be known at that time and pose other health issues to the physical body.

Physicalized also means something has physically grown in the body. Most X-ray, MRI or Ultra Sound technology will be able to pick up the growth. With Albert Einstein’s formula for rest energy, E = MC2 (E = Energy, M = Mass, C = speed of light at vacuum), it has been proven that creation of Mass requires tremendous amount of energy. Therefore, to de-materialize the Mass, tremendous amount of energy will be needed as well!

Let’s do some calculation. To de-materialize 5 gram of tissue on our body, we need E = 0.005kg x (3 x 108)2Joules = 0.045 x 1016 Joules = 1.25 x 108 (1 Joules = 2.8 x 10-7 This amount of energy is equivalent to RM37,500,000 of electrical bill in Malaysia (based on RM0.30/ rate charged by TNB)!

The energy therapist may still be able to revert this situation to stage 4, but it will take longer time. The acceptance of the patient to the healing energy is very important. Combination of invasive treatment (minor surgery) and energy therapy will be recommended to speed up the recovery and to eliminate the issue.

Stage 6: Chronic

Medication + energy therapy + surviving will is required to resolve chronic or fatal cases

A simple cure is not possible to revert the physical condition and the physical body may be in degenerative mode. The combination of both western medicine and energy therapy will not be effective unless the patient has a strong mental and surviving will. In some case but not all cases, the combination of these three aspects (medication + energy therapy + surviving will) can revert the health condition down to stage 5 and eventually will be well again.

Stage 7: Terminal/Fatal

In some terminal cases, the medical doctors would have given up and the patient, as a last resort, will seek complimentary healing. The combination of medication, energy therapy and surviving will can prolong the life of the patient.

In most of the cases, the healing of the soul is more important than the healing of physical body. If one can understand that the purpose of our physical body is for our soul to experience or learn some lessons in this earth dimension.

You have an affinity to energy works.

With the above understanding, we should do something (act upon) for our energy system at early stages of diseases (before stage 3), before the situation becomes more complicated. For those who are already Energy Works Practitioners, it is recommended to do a lot of self-healing regularly to avoid manifestation of disease even to stage 1. No Disease mean no “Dis” + “Ease”, in other words, it means you always feel well.  For those who are not yet attuned to the world of energy works, perhaps, this is the best time for you to consider finding one.

The very fact that you are reading this article up to this line, it means that there is an affinity within you to the world of energy works or you might already be in the process of being attuned to it.

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