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eFusion Natural Healing Therapy Workshop

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

While Reiki is said to be "a lazy-man's art" because there's no practice required, eFusion is a totally different art all together. It is precise and accurate scanning and healing. Suitable for those who demand details and specialization.

eFusion is part of an integrated studies and healing modality that focus and emphasize on wholesome wellness and spiritual awareness. Like the art and science of Pranic Healing, eFusion focused on the aspect of scanning, cleansing, energising, balancing and alignment of the chakras by utilizing intentions, colours, vibrations and crystals for its effective healing. It has 3 modules for basic practitioners together with 1 Shakti pat, 4 modules for advance practitioner with 3 Shakti pats and 1 attunement and Advance Power Practitioner will include higher forms of advance energy system. However there is a prerequisite for learning eFusion. The participants must be at least 18 years old and to be able to advance to the next workshop, the participants/practitioners of eFusion must be able to help to alleviate his/her patients' conditions with success.

What you will learn (For Beginners):

Beginners' workshop consists of 1 day of training.

  1. The art of comprehensive scanning.

  2. A very thorough way of cleansing that just by scanning alone, you can assist/help to alleviate the problem.

  3. How to project energy safely without causing any congestion (over energizing).

  4. The understanding and awareness of the chakra system.

  5. The ability to scan, balance and align the chakra.

  6. The understanding of colour properties and its power.

  7. The purpose and usage of healing crystals.

  8. The art and science of power breathing.

  9. The ability to open up your very own's clairvoyant faculty.

Advance eFusion workshop is by invitation only. Only students who have been practicing what they have learnt in the Basic Level and gained a satisfactory understanding and experience of eFusion healing will be invited to the Advance Levels.

Workshop Date:

Please click below to download and reference the available date for this course.

Download PDF • 544KB

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