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Energy Hygiene

Our physical body is protected by our skin to prevent physical foreign material from contaminating our internal layer/organs. The skin is a barrier that consistently function to block all unwanted material and after some time, it will get dirty/contaminated. This is the reason we need to shower on daily basis to continuously remove unwanted material stuck on the surface of skin.  Could you imagine what will happen to your skin if you never take shower for a week !!!


On an energy perspective, our physical body is shielded by layers of subtle energy field which some call it AURA or bio-plasma body or Energy body. The interaction of this subtle energy field with another human or premises or energy sources will cause cross-contamination. Whenever you are in contact with somebody, either meeting face to face or talking over the phone or bringing somebody into your thought, you are prone to energy contamination. Worst still, if somebody throw their dissatisfaction or make complain of their problems to you. Your AURA will function as a shield barrier and block or filter those energy contaminants (negative energy). Same goes when we go to certain area that contain more negative energy such as hospitals, temples, funerals events or even shopping complex. In the process of filtering it, our AURA will pick up a lot of negative energy. Some of the negative energy is easily loosen off from the AURA but some may hook and permanently stay inside the AURA. After times, our AURA will get very dirty and muddy. Common sign of this is you will feel heavy in breathing and when you walk, you feel like you are carrying hundreds of kilogram of stuff behind your back. These negative energy will weaken your AURA (protective shield) and also causes blockages to the internal energy system which eventually will causes diseases or reduce quality of life of the person. Likes attracts likes, this is the natural law. When your AURA has more negative energies, you will attract more negative people or negative events to your life. After more and more negative energies interact within the AURA, it will form bigger spiral forces whereby it will zap in anything negative from your surrounding or even few hundred meter away. When this negative suction force goes beyond the optimum protecting barrier of individual people, that person will be taken over and controlled by the negative entities/forces.


When our physical body get dirty, we take a shower to cleanse it. What are the remedies to cleanse our dirty AURA before it turn into negative entities ?

Traditionally some people use sage smoke, sandal wood smoke or salt water bath combined with some ritual to remove the negative energy in their AURA. In today's modern society, sometime it is not proper to perform those rituals in our working or living environment. Some people wear gemstone/crystal that act as an energy dustbin to temporarily contain the negative energy in their AURA. This gemstone need to be cleansed as well (Else it is like you are carrying a big dustbin with you all the time!). Have you noticed each time after you have some fun playing with water at the beaches or after brief swimming in the sea, you will feel like your whole body has become lighter? Your breathing will be much more deeper and effective, why ? You will not get the same effect if you are in fresh water lake/pond. The secret is the mineral NaCl present in the sea water which enhance the cleansing power compared to water. We may not have the luxuries to swim in the sea unless you stay near the seaside. However we can artificially create sea water by dissolving raw salt or rock salt with concentration of 3-5 % w/v. We can use this salt water to bath on weekly or monthly basis to remove negative energies. Processed salt can be used if you can not get raw or rock salt, however prolonged use of processed salt is not advisable as there are some chemicals added to the salt during the production process. You don't want to cleanse your energy body but at the same time contaminate your physical body with chemicals substances.

Processed Salt

Raw Salt

Substantial amount of aerobic exercise could shake off certain amount of "easy" negative energy from the AURA but how about those "stubborn" negative energy ? You may need to seek assistance from Energy Healer (Reiki, eFusion, Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong &etc) to resolve it. However, it is better if you can take up some of the energy healing courses which most of them do have such as the "Self Cleansing or Self Healing" method for you to remove the negative energy in your AURA system.

For energy practitioners, of whom, most of them have bigger AURA, do they need more self cleansing than ordinary people who have smaller AURA ?

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