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Kriya Payattu: The Science and Art of Psychic Self Defense

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Transform yourself, your confidence, attracting the right people and at the same time protect your family from harm, attacks, and being bullied.

Plus you will also learn how to shield your assets and belongings from the ever jealous neighbors and thieves.

Does everything happens by chance or is it fated? A lot have been said about fate, but none truly understand what fate is. People tend to be superstitious and love to believe in hearsay. Fate is one of the most controversial topics with hardly any sound logic of it until now.

What is fate? Fate is something that you are born into, neither by choice nor by nurturing. For example: If you are born a male than it is fated that you are born a male. If you are born crippled, than you are fated to be born crippled.  Anything that doesn't allow you to have choice, is fate; every other thing that you have a choice to choose from, is not fated.

It is your choice to go anywhere, anytime, be prepared or not, be successful or not, be understanding or not, be happy or sad, take it standing up or lying down and etc.

In Kriya Payattu, you will learn to be aware of your choices to be safe or otherwise. Do you know that the only danger that cannot be averted is only the wrath of Mother Nature? Any other danger can be averted! All is a matter of awareness and know how. Stop blaming others or fate, for we can empower ourselves to be safe and be protected at all times.

What you will learn and benefit from this 2 days workshop?

This course will teach you:

  • Scientific ways of utilizing Energies from your surroundings to properly protect yourself, your belongings, surroundings and love ones.

  • Understand how attacks are launched and protect yourself to prevent intrusions.

  • Shielding of your personal belongings -including your financial assets!

  • Remedies: What to do if the attack has already penetrated your energy fields; learn special extraction techniques to remove them;

  • Learn critical things that can weaken a shield and how to guard against them;

  • Protect your business and finances from envious competitors and their negative vibes;

  • Safeguard your children's precious & innocent consciousness from preying entities of drugs & negative programming from peers;

  • Scan the strength & integrity of your shields. You will know if your shield has been built successfully.

  • Experience inner peace & calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment;

  • Psychic Vampires; How to stop psychic vampires from draining your precious life force it could be a cause of insomnia;

  • Learn why improper shielding could cause a person to think he/she is under psychic attack by nobody else but themselves;

  • Learn what causes "bad luck" and change it to GOOD FORTUNE!

  • How to empower yourself further.

  • Tested with breakthrough skills to empower your confidence.

  • Techniques of conquering your negativity and reliance on others.

  • How to draw in energy effectively.

  • Secrets of: how others use to control you.

  • Scanning for troubled waters.

  • How to clear charms and spells.

  • How to remove negative thoughts of others or how to make sure they don't take advantages of you in business dealings.

Full Course Duration: 2 days. Please contact us for more details.

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