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Lesson 1: Religious Practitioner and a Spiritual Practitioner

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

The main aspects of a Spiritual Practitioner

Let's explore and understand what it takes to be a Spiritual Practitioner.

1. Psychic Aspect:  Practice moderation in everything.

2. Emotional Aspect: No jealousy, no rumor-mongering, no lying, no being a busybody, no expression of outbursts. (shouting, crying and laughing)

3. Mental Aspect: No negativity, not being suspicious and no excessive thinking.

Difference between a Religious Practitioner and a Spiritual Practitioner

A lot of people are confused between the terms being a "Spiritual Practitioner" and being a  "Religious Practitioner". Religious practitioners simply follow their holy books and go to churches/temples/mosques. However, a spiritual practitioner practices without any conditions of their religious beliefs. Spiritual practitioners practice the Universal Law.

What is the "Universal Law"?

You can say it is almost the same as religious "ethics" minus the saints or prophet which made a particular religion famous. Remove Jesus, Nabi Muhammad S. A. W., Guru Nanak and what will you get? Their religious teachings. Scholars of different religion wrongly teach their religion by emphasizing their prophets or saints, instead of focusing on the creator. Spiritual practitioners, on the other hand, use their teaching (of saints and prophets) but focus only on the creator.

To a spiritual practitioner, there is only a Creator. The rest is secondary. Sure, we still respect the saints and the prophets and use their names at times, but the focus is still on our Creator.

To make things easier or simpler to understand, just remove religion from your practice, and you are a spiritual practitioner, and when you include religion into it, you are a religious practitioner.

Q: "When you said to remove religion from the practices, you meant regarding belief, right? Example, don't eat pork. Not because religion said it, but because one is aware that pork is not good in many ways. How do you practically see religion being separated? Separating the saints and prophets is easy. They basically said, do this and that as it is what God wants one to do."

GM: "Religious people are steadfast only to their respective religion. Spiritual practitioners amalgamate all forms of teachings to help others realizes the real thing. In comparative religion studies, each religion proclaims their path as the only way to salvation. While on the spiritual path, all paths will inevitably lead to salvation. Spiritual practitioners hold tenaciously to the concept that we are all little gods and when we mature, we become a God of a planet or a solar system. Whereas in religion, we are forever entirely created to worship Him."

Energy works by Spiritual Practitioners

Spiritual practitioners sometimes practice with energy, which contradicts religion, by empowering themselves with particular arts or Magick which are deemed powerful. Is it allowed? Yes. Then, there are two groups of spiritual practitioners - One of Light and the other of Magick. However, when one turns negative or evil, they become spiritual practitioners of Darkness. In some cultures, there is a constant battle between darkness and light as in religion's God and Devil.

Another perspective - In religion, there is one Jesus but many types of denominations. It is comparable for spiritual practitioners. There are thousands of alleged denominations. The notable ones are called light workers. Others are Starlight Workers, New Age Practitioners, Follower of Divine Light and Love, Awakened Ones, etc. Basically, I would love to be called a light worker.

Why religions were created

Religion wasn't created by God or His saints. Jesus never professed to be a Christian. The God of the Hindus never called His teaching Hinduism. Buddha never called His teaching Buddhism nor called himself the Buddha. Jesus never said He is God. He just said He is the way, the truth, and the life.

The God of Hindus simply showed the path to enlightenment and freedom from suffering. In Hinduism, there is only one God, but many see Him differently as according to their hearts. Therefore, now Hindus believe there are over 1000 gods.

It wasn't the God that created religion but by men themselves. They wanted an identity. Furthermore, they also initiated many dos and don'ts. As time progressed, the laws changed according to whims and fancies.

In modern times, religious groups are fighting among themselves. Assemblies of God, The Lutherans, The Anglican, The Baptist, The Methodist, The Church of the Latter Day Saints, The Jehovah Witnesses, The Mormons, The True Christian Church, all proclaim that their way is the only way. This is no longer Jesus' way.

In Buddhism, there is Mahayana and Theravada. Within these two sects, there is a Fat Buddha, Skinny Buddha, Sleeping Buddha, Lotus Buddha, Buddha with a sharp hairdo, etc. Mahayana believes in many rituals and many other deities from Buddha as well. Then come Bodhisattva and Arahats. Whereas in Theravada, the belief is that each follower is just an unawakened little Buddha. There is only one Buddha in Theravada Buddhism. The variations cause a lot of conflicts among Buddhist followers.

Tibetan Buddhism is like new age Buddhism. It is a mixture of both Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. The powers lie not within the Buddha, but with their spiritual master called the Rinpoche. The Dalai Lama, being the Supreme Leader, from what is portrayed, is more political than spiritual. So now, the controlling spiritual leader is the Rinpoche. Once again, there are different sects, the yellow sect, the red sect and a very mysterious sect known as the black sect. I can only say that all these are human created. Nothing more to say.

In summary, because men are greedy of recognition and power, they created religion. A far more enterprising business than any other business interest the world. It is considered a trillion dollar industry. Yay, for being a slave to the human money god!

The 5 Pillars of a Spiritual Practitioner

1. Devotion to God and Spiritual Teachers. 2. Energy Body Purification

  • Light Body

  • Rainbow Body

  • Golden Body

  • Diamond Body

3. Meditation on the Teachings and the Teacher.

4. Study only what is given or taught. 5. Service.

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