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Lesson 1: The Four Realms That Govern Us

Today, I will speak about the 4 realms that govern us. Though some cultures have abandoned this belief system, but unknown to everyone, it would be made real at everyone's time of death. By then it will be too late for any regrets.

In Greek and Vikings mythology we have the God's of Heaven, Hell and Sea that rules over mankind. Now in Taoist, Hinduism, Buddhism, we too have the same hierarchy.

Now, the secret - The Heaven rules over evolution, blessings and enlightenment. The Hell presides over our punishments and reincarnation.

When you do good, the Heaven will keep your deeds, assign to you the so deserving Good Karma and you enjoy its blessings. If you do bad, the hell will assign to you your bad karma and sufferings that come with it.

Whereas, the Sea is very angry at us humans for poisoning it. So anyone who dies by the sea will not able to reincarnate. If you go fishing just for fun and not for food you will be damned for all eternity to the sea. As a rule, we should not eat fish with a head that is bigger than the size of your palm. Sea creatures such as Lobsters and other exotic sea animals should not be eaten.

The reasons behind our sufferings

I came to this realization when another Master told me,

Do you know why you are suffering?

"You have been helping people for the past 25 years. You took away all the sufferings assigned to them. Guess what? It has to go somewhere. Throwing it away to sea makes it worse. Initially, they were supposed to suffer. Now you are made to suffer. It all comes back to you."

"Instead of just healing them, you should educate them and they have to pay for their illness. How? They should make offerings towards Hell to appease the spirits there, especially those who have had abortions, cursed or scolded their parents, hit their parents, cheated and hurt others intentionally. After this, only then do the healing for them. And from the fees you collect, do more offerings so it would not come to you."

I just realized. I was so focused on the Heavens that I forgot about Hell.

The Sufferings The King of Heaven (in Taoist belief system) is the Jade Emperor, King of Hell is the Yama, King of Sea is the Sea Dragon. They are considered to be equals. Presiding over them is YAHWEH. We cannot go straight to YAHWEH for whatever reasons. Just like there are evil Presidents and Prime ministers all over the world, but we also have the United Nations (UN). You can send your domestic grouches to the UN, right? Why we have evil Presidents and such? Because we are such.

YAHWEH in Hebrew

This how the hierarchy of universe is. YAHWEH presides over the 4 realm. The Heavens, the Earth, the Hell, and the Sea. However YAHWEH does not interfere with the realms' development as authority have been given to these realms' Kings.

Greek mythology: King of the Heaven is Zeus. Hades is King of the Hell. Poseidon King of the Sea. Human is King of the Earth. Yes indeed, we are. But we have since given up this authority for someone else who we call God of Money (Who we ourselves created and allowed it to rule over us).

You can shout and cry but Yahweh will not interfere. He is known as the God of Just. Anything anyone does, must face the consequences of his or her actions. You cannot simply commit a sin and then asked for forgiveness and you are free from it. You have to bear the consequences of it.

In later times, we have Jade Emperor as the King of Heaven. King Yama as the King of Hell, Dragon King as the King of Sea. They govern the realm of the Earth. Heavens will shower us with blessings and happiness, whereas hell will give us a lot of painful lessons. Sea Kingdom does nothing except to bless us with abundance of sea food. Anyone who does wrong has to face the consequences of it. One cannot simply say I pray to God for forgiveness and all is going to be well. Worse is, when we have people who are being punished, claims it is a test from God. Total baloney. That is why my second realization was - Most of us are bound for Hell. No matter how good you think you are, if there is a tiny dot of unpleasantness within you you are headed towards hell. What is this unpleasantness? When you are not true to yourself, when you harbor ill feelings, greed, jealousy, gluttony and unable to forgive completely. No prayers can absorb your sins but only through cultivation of good virtues. When punishment comes, just do the correct thing.

Over here at AMTCT, we aim to do a lot of cultivation exercises. And I hope everyone will realize there is no short cuts to it. If you eat spicy food you will feel the spiciness right? What you sow, so shall you reap, do unto others what you want others do unto you.

Types of illnesses related to their sins

My Masters, Choa Kok Sui, died from heart failure, Mang Mike, from diabetic complications that led to heart failure. These are great healers whom I have seen and heard perform great miracles. Yet, they fall into the deadly sins. So I have been asking why the Heavens did not help? Sins are under the jurisdiction of Hell. Blessings are under the jurisdiction of Heaven. Can the good offset the bad? No. An apple tree would have both good and bad apples, yet these apples are from the same tree.

The path to take

Q: "Since we are human beings, beautiful yet flawed and always stumbling, is it realistic to believe we have a path to heaven?"

GM: "The Path to Heaven can only appear when we behave like the Saints (from any of the cultures). Non-self and always of service to people.What I meant by service, instead of thinking for ourselves first, we think about our missions on earth. Our Dharma. This Dharma can only be cultivated. Through the taming of our ego and pride. Then only can we understand what is our mission on earth. Now all of us are full of self, pride, ego, gains and losses."

Q: "After we pay a consequence (suffering) and assuming we understood the gifts within the suffering, do we begin again with a 'clean slate'?"

GM: "Clean state does not really exist. Day in and out we are being bombarded with polluters."

"Suffering has many forms. Mental, emotional and physical. Until the day we learn to understand and accept suffering, it is as good as just telling ourselves what is not right or we did not understand the lessons."

"For example, myself. When I was young, I abused myself by being a glutton (thinking I could handle it) and being an egotistical businessman earning money. When I became a healer, I was so full of pride because I could heal cancer patients. Though I did not accept money, my ego and pride of healing them were there. There was no cultivation because I wasn't taught any. By the time I understood this, I already had illnesses in my body. Though I am doing cultivation works and training my disciples such, I still have to pay for my sufferings. I have tremendous blessings from all the disciples who understood my teachings (when I am down and out now). Blessings do come when we do cultivation works but that does not offset the wrongs we did. To offset and wrong doing we have to do prayers whenever we are not feeling well. Only then you will feel the release from the sufferings." "A lot of (shady) people and those in vice do a lot of prayers to the Hell to relieve them of fatal incidents." "Once I was told that Mother Brahman Kumari gave a lot of blessings to the politicians. She was asked why? She said that the ends justified the means. They maybe corrupted but each time they donate millions that can help lots of people. Though she opposes their activities she still blessed them whenever they donate to the poor. Our former Prime Minister Mahathir was a student of hers. When Mother came to Malaysia she was given VVIP welcome. On stage, she even told Mahathir off for being naughty in front of few hundred people. She was 90 at that point of time. I think she has since passed on."

More about Hell

A word of caution. In Hell, they have the Healing Minister, Prosperity Minister, Justice Minister, and all deities similar to those in the Heaven. The only difference is if you pray to them, it is easy to get what you wish for but the repayment price is huge and it may not last. I mean, if you pray and ask for healing, they would oblige but the healing may not last as long as you think and in return for praying to them your offerings must be quite substantial. If you ask 4D from them they may grant you. But they may ask for something more valuable in return.

Real life testimony: There was this person, who asked to strike 4D First Prize and the spirit said that in return he must give a rose. Thinking it was just a flower, he agreed. That week he struck the first prize and his daughter died in a car accident. Hit by a car. Her name was Rose.

I was asked by the spirits to share more.

Hell has many levels as we commonly know. But those levels are Sufferings levels or Punishment levels.

But it has another plane where the inhabitants are those who go to hell for not doing enough good but not harming others in their human lives. The stay there until it is their time to reincarnate back to human form. It is these souls that appear in the dreams of their living loves one's that demands for cars, air-conditioning, maids, houses, condos, money and etc. However if you burn for them what they want, it only lasts a certain time, usually a year, and then they appear in the dreams again.

Those who are there in Hell for punishment has no such luxury. They are there to suffer. If you burn things for them, they would not get it. Imagine you burn for them a condo with swimming pool. You think they suffer from 9-5 and after 5 they will go back to their condo to rest?

Those who are to stay and wait for reincarnation and those who are there to suffer are two different categories. In the Christian tradition, when a person dies, his soul is sent to a place they call Abraham's Bossom. Something like a purgatory but not really. They would be there until their soul is called. If they are judged then they would be sent to purgatory/hell like place but there will be no torture like in the prison. This place is extremely hot, hot and hot. In Tibetan Buddhism, this place called Limbo/Confusion/Bardo, where they just wander around aimlessly forever until they are called. It is in such places that these hell ministers reside - King Yama resides.

Offerings to Hell Spirits

Spirits come out any time of the day but since our senses are sharper at night we tend to feel them more during night fall.

From now till sometime in August you will see more lives being taken through accidents, illness, murders and suicides. The Chinese believe we are entering into the month of hungry ghost but that is only in August/July 14 of the Chinese calendar. So, if anyone wants to do offering to the spirits for their misfortune, bad luck, or illness, our Senior O Sensei Winson can arrange for that. You don't know what spirits you offended. Sometimes, at a certain place, you speak too loudly or laugh too loudly, you might have just hit a nerve with them.

Note: As guided by GM, the AMTCT family conducted a mini Por Thor ceremony to appease the spirits of Hell, whom we may have knowingly or unknowingly offended/hurt/insulted during the course of our lives. Click here to know more abut the ceremony and student experience!


Q: "So just "not harming" is not enough. Doing good deeds is important. Then what about those mops who do a lot of harm but also do a lot of charity and offerings?"

GM: "They get temporary relief while alive but will get Hell punishment once they die. No one can escape."

Q: "You mentioned that prayers can be done to the ministers of the Hell. Easier to get what we want, yet payment for that is rather heavy. Before this, I was not aware of all these and I used to pray to the main source of energy, imagining it as an enormous source of light. Now knowing these, how can I improve my senses to ensure my prayers are going to ministers of Heaven?"

GM: "For any wrong doings, the Heavens are not in charge. Heavens are only in charge of blessings. For example, many times when we are having difficulties or pain, when asked to pray to God, God seems silent. Why are we taking the easy way out? Not understanding why we have this problem. We find little or no reprieve. Like I said earlier. We are all being, the Malay word "tertakluk" (subject to), to the laws. If we do something wrong, we have to be fined. If you do something wrong and asked, just say, the Prime Minister to help you, he will not be able to do anything. But when you do something wrong and asked the local authorities to help you, they can help you by reducing the charges or make amendments to the charges. That is the difference between Heaven and Hell."

"When you are dark, praying to the light gives a little or nothing at all. If you are dark, go and get rid of the darkness by washing (suffering) it away with the right detergents (prayers to Hell). Only when you are cleaned, can the light shine on you and then you can feel the light."

Another perspective of the Realms

For those who understood what I wrote but think it is absolute hogwash, try changing it to Aliens terminology: We are governed by 3 main realms;

1. The Heaven = Pleiadians,

2. Hell = Arcturians,

3. Sea=Dragons/Reptilians.

It was said that we evolved from fish. Now, for the mainstream science which studies evolution, more and more are getting more answers from fish than from monkeys. I will speak more about this in the near future.

If some of you are just looking to improve yourselves just understand what is stopping or blocking you. Go deeper - Is it your genes that have these energies that attracted the problems? Or is it your DNA of a certain species that like to challenge themselves to become better like the Greys (until it caused their own downfall)?

More about The Sea Realm

Q: "You mentioned there won't be reincarnation for those who die in the sea. Where does the energy go to? And is that a kind of curse if one dies in the sea?"

GM: "Just imagine, different countries have different judicial systems. Punishments (capital punishments) and their severity differ from country to country. Some by the sword, some by lethal injections, some by hanging and some by firing squads. In some countries, if you die there, they won't allow you to by taken back as a body but only as cremated ashes."

"The laws of the sea is such. The sea itself is very unmerciful. We have been over-fishing, fishing for sports, polluting the sea and reclaiming the sea as land. The Sea Kingdom definitely are angry at us Humans. Sea creatures are also an evolved sentient beings and yet we love to eat them. We are only actually allowed to eat small fries/little fishes/shrimps or such but not allowed to eat big fish (with the head is bigger than our palm). Lobsters, huge crabs and big fishes are a no-no delicacy. But we have been doing it anyway." The Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Hell and the Kingdom of Sea are all equivalent. The Kingdom of Heaven presides over our good deeds and blessings, Kingdom of Hell presides over our bad deeds and punishments. "The Kingdom of Sea presides only for its kind, the sea creatures. If we die in the sea, we belong to the sea. We will incarnate into small fries like little fishes, crabs or even lobsters. Of course there is much more type of sea creatures. While some will become spirits of the water. Depending on how we die. Most probably when we die, by diving in the sea (sending our dead bodies to the sea), we become sea spirits. If we fall into the sea and drown, we become sea creatures. If we are murdered and tossed into the sea, we may become angry sea spirits. But once we are in the sea, we can no longer incarnate to become human. We belong to the sea. Only special circumstances can help us to evolve to become human again."

"The Sea covers more than half the earth. To undermine it, we are very very wrong. The Sea God, in different cultures (like Poseidon), always depicts himself as an angry God. He has a group of sea spirits that always lures seamen to the watery graves. In Chinese culture, we have 4 sea kings that presides over the four continents. All are but angry sea kings. If we die in the sea, you think they would let us go so easily? Of course there is always a way out, but to get help for this way out, you have to practice doing Dharma. Only then should you unfortunately die at the sea, you will immediately be whisked off to the land of the light." "We at AMTCT, are trying to help ourselves and everyone to cultivate more - Cultivation by practicing Dharma. Shihan will continue to teach you all the necessary formula for this. Exercise, breathing, energy development and much more. I will, on the other hand, if the time permits, teach you all more about the mental and emotional cultivation. What we are doing here is not having fun (or come as you go as you may). It is a very serious work that leads to freedom/ liberation of the soul. Yes your soul is immortal but is trapped in this realm (over and over again for millions of of years). We are all old souls, but we are hardly aware of what and why untoward things befall on us. Maybe like the normal old folks, we are all very stubborn."

Q: "I realized that Punjabis have this ritual, where after cremation, they throw the ashes into the sea. Does this play any part in getting "trapped"?"

GM: "They won't be trapped in the sea. In fact, they are feedings the sea. Don't you realize that the Punjabis have explosive emotions and never-say-die attitude? They care for family and it's honor more than anything else? Those, whose ashes are thrown into the sea, will be reborn with such characteristics. Unless they are like what I said earlier (fishing for fun, destroying the sea, eating only big fish etc.)."

"I planned to be cremated and thrown into the sea too, but now, I am planning to be cremated and buried in the land. As God said, ashes and dust, we are created and it is to them we go back to." Now a big secret: Why do you think God cannot save you when you are doomed to Hell? After all, in Hell you would repent and realize your wrong doings? How come God can only save you when you are still alive? This is not the God I want to believe in. So, the truth is for us to understand the very nature of our existence and how to live a life that can help us to graduate. So easy to say, "Oh God, please forgive me" and you are forgiven. That is the ego talking. Don't you see all religion have "I am holier than you" attitude? "We are a religion of peace" but actually, what peace? Peace, according to them only? Otherwise, off goes your head.

Please understand, when you abort a child, where do you think the spirit of the child will go? Same as miscarriage. When you unknowingly said something that offended the invisible kingdom, do you just think nothing would happen? Or when you laugh too loudly, cry/wail too loudly, scold someone (using bad language), you think there are no repercussions? You go to a seafood restaurant and demand that you want that fish or that lobster while it is still swimming, it is killed to satisfied your taste buds, you think there is no repercussion? Have ever thought about this and be remorseful about it? No. Why? Because we are greater than them? Oh blimey. God created us last. Why not first? After creating us He had to rest. It is our ego. Super high ego that made a mess of everything. We gave e power to money and now everyone else on earth are slaves for it.

Coming back to these realms, please remember praying is basically useless. Oh, why? Imagine you open up a channel to God and it is just a one-way communication. You pray and throw all your pain and sorrow at Him. Do you ever wait for his response? Do you ever wait for Him to teach you? Naw. You just throw it at Him and say, "Please forgive me and bless me". Amen. Then pat your butt and continue with your chores. You expect Him to be the garbage bin? So think carefully of what I have written. Now is end times. Hardship is everywhere. If you don't wake up you will be lost.

Q: "We chose to be born and created our own blueprint to experience life. When we were born we forgot and then we live life on earth being bound by the laws of the 4 realms. If we do remember our purpose, will we still be bound in these 4 realms?"

GM: "We are here because we need to experience as much as possible. Only through experience can we "un-forget". Like riding a bike compared to learning the maths formulas. If we graduate, we will be given planets or planets to rule. That is why scientists have discovered that our universe keeps expanding."

Q: "Did we forget so that we could experience the essence of God through all his creations? Is that one of the reasons why we were created the last? We are reborn many times because we were stuck in these 4 realms?"

GM: "Yes. We are stuck in the 4 realms until we find our liberation."

"We are created last because we are the most complex of all animals."

Q: "So are you saying we should ask for blessings from the heavens and move toward meditation in order to be on a path of forgiveness for our misgivings?"

GM: "Yes we forgot our purpose and even if we remember, the other party must too, otherwise we are going nowhere. That is why we must keep sharing until people surrounding us are awakened also."

"Neither animals in the wild kills more than they can eat nor worries about when is their next meal. They too don't worry about the type of food they could catch. As long as they catch it, they are satisfied with it. We are exactly the opposite. No animals till date have managed to wipe out an entire species nor pollute the earth except we humans. That is why we were created last. And we still think we are great. We are so damn dumb that God had to send His prophets and His Son to come and save us. He did not need to do so with other animals. We blatantly say God love us. We are lost in our ego."

"The main lessons in life I would like to say for everyone is attachment. Attachments create fears, greed, jealousy and pride. If we can over come this than we have mastered ourselves."

Q: "For me, the most difficult question is why am I here and how can I serve? The answers should appear obvious but somehow it isn't."

GM: "You can serve by first forgiving yourself and being good to yourself. When this is done, be a teacher to others. I have changed many lives through this. Dr. Susan now known as Elizabeth was having a rough time with her sister. When she began to change herself, her sister saw it and wanted to know more. They are now the best of friends. Of course, sibling rivalry would always be there but it never lasts a day. By the next day they are again smiling and talking happily together."

"My methods are simple. Whatever lessons that you have learned in the past, if it does you no good, forget about them. Empty your recycle bin. Techniques or teachings that work, keep them. Others, out to the bin it goes. Don't carry the past to your future because they are of no use. Imagine now, if I was still using my old 386 computer, I would be so frustrated. Change is all the time necessary to adapt to the current situation. Once, a Zen master asked, "Which is the strongest organ in your body?". Some said bones and some said teeth. But the master just laughed. He said, "It is your tongue! Bones can become brittle and break. Teeth can fall off but your tongue is with you until the end of the day." My ancient teacher Lao Tzu once asked his students, "Which is more stronger? The big tree or the grass?" They said that it is the big tree, strong and log lasting. He said, "When a typhoon hits, the trees get uprooted but the grass still remains. As to be long lasting, the grass can easily grow back and when stepped on, they will still survive but not the big tree. " We should be like the grass in our life. Ever flexible."

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