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Lesson 1: What is Attachment?

GM defines "Attachment" for everyone's understanding from a spiritual perspective:

Attachment is another gross word for being possessive. When you are possessive over certain objects, people or issues how can you see the other side of the coin?

What is Attachment and why it is one of the most important aspects to understand with respect to spiritual practice.

You would be so focused, so biased and so unrelenting that, to you what you are attached to, is the best. That is extremism to a spiritual practitioner. Well, your argument can be, you, being a spiritual practitioner, are also attached to your own spiritualism, right? Well, to a layman that is not far from the truth but in spiritualism we don't take any credit for it. You want to come and learn; and go teach your friends when you are qualified to do so. There are no royalty fees. Should someone say bad things about spiritualism, we are not hurt at all, but a feeling of sadness that the person is so attached to his/her belief to a point where they attack non-believers.

Spiritual practitioners do not attack anyone. We merely point out the truth that which we understand. To believe or not is up to you. If you ridicule the teaching, it is you who are at loss. Whereas, those attached to a belief system, especially Christianity, would say only through believing in the Bible you can be saved and can go to heaven. We just say and believe, no matter what or how, sooner or later, we will reach the destination.

That is why, to be a spiritual practitioner, we must always see three sides to a coin. Three sides? But coin has only two. There is three. Left side, right side and the middle which must exist if there are ever two sides. As for my masters, they would say that is not the entire truth. It is what you can perceive from the coin that is neither left nor right nor middle. So, then there is a fourth side. The side that we perceive. Why the need to be just attached to one side, when you can perceive more? But fears come in play. Such as "I need a guarantee". There is none. The only guarantee we can give you is, sooner or later you can make it to your destination.

Questions and Answers

Q1: You spoke about perception. What is the importance of perception? How it is related to your reality? GM: Reality is just a matter of perception. Believe in something strong and long enough, you will be able to see it in front of you even when others don't. Perception is again the cause of inputs and outputs. Experience and sufferings shape your perceptions too. For example, you date a few girls but they are all going towards your wealth. Your perception would be most girls are gold diggers.

Q2:  Yes. But the ability to perceive without any attachment. Isn't that what a spiritual seeker should try to attain? GM: Yes

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