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My travel to the future

What would happen to our future generations (second and third) if no one changes now? Now that less than 1% of the current population are awakened? Some of the predictions have already come true, such as cashless society. More are on the way. We will see bits and pieces of it here and there now.

It may have sounded like science fiction at that time but that is what I saw in 1995-1996.

My first out-of-body experience

Early in 1992, when I was in the Philippines (I was there with my mentor and Tae-Kwon-Do teacher, the Late Daniel Chee), I had gotten very ill. I did not know what I was suffering from. I thought it was just an ordinary fever but later I came to know that I had Typhoid. By the time I was back home, my tongue had so many blisters that I could hardly eat solid food. My only diet was congee water without any rice and some salt added to it. By the 10th day of being on this diet, I was very weak and I could hardly walk. In fact, much later, my teacher Mr. Gregory (from Pranic Healing) told me that I almost died.

As I was lying down on my couch, all of a sudden, it started swaying left and right. I dismissed anything unusual thinking it was my wife who was cleaning the house. After a while, probably half an hour or so, the couch was still swaying. Annoyed, I opened my eyes to see what was going on. I saw a circle of wind with laughter coming out from it. Out of fear, in the name of Jesus, I asked the spirits to please get out of my house. The only thing that happened was that the laughter grew louder and louder. Then I remembered what my mentor told me to do if I come face to face with beings and spirits. So, I started chanting some Buddhist verses, but only to make them laugh louder and mock me further. I started getting annoyed and angry. Somehow, I began clasping my hands tight and then, immediately, I had an out-of-body experience. I saw myself in a form of an ancient yogi with dirty long hair, long fingers (with long nails), a huge earring on my left ear and wearing dirty plain robes. I was surrounded by 7 streams of rainbows circling around my body. I was, in a way, sitting in a lotus position but floating in mid air. I saw my physical body lying asleep on my left side and 7 spirits standing right in front of me.

I will continue this story when the need arises.

My travel to the future

That was my first out-of-body experience and thus my astral traveling journey began. As I began to further develop my esoteric understanding, I began to practice more and more astral traveling. This is one of my stories. Astral actually means stars and astral traveling means traveling to the stars or space.

I had this experience back in 1995-1996. I somehow went to a time in the future, either two or three generation ahead from now. First, I saw that the buildings had only 2 tones of colors. A cluster of white buildings and a cluster of black or grayish buildings. I wanted to see and understand the reasons for the two tones. These buildings had residents in them. The dwellers of the white building, I guessed was the rich because most of them were well suited. As for the gray/black building dwellers, everyone was wearing only grayish attire. I began to observe this timeline for a while and saw the advancement of their science and technologies. It was an era of peace. No robberies, no crimes, and everyone had food on their tables. Everyone had a profession. I said wow, very peaceful. Little did I know that in that era, all inhabitants/citizens were programmed at birth.

I journeyed to visit their laboratories to see the development of medicine (as I was a Pranic healer myself). I somehow landed in a lab where they do gene manipulation. All the weak genes (or unhealthy genes) of the babies were removed at the time when their mothers were still in the early stages of pregnancy. When the babies were born they were 100% perfect and healthy. I was delighted. Then I was propelled into another place by an unseen force (that later I found to be my guide). In this room, I saw scientists. I assume they were manipulating DNAs. Then I heard them say something similar to that of a batch being completed (I forgot the exact words). They had successfully created a whole range of DNAs that can be injected into any foetus. These DNAs would ultimately decide the child's future profession. They had successfully created the future lawyers, accountants, workers, leaders, entertainers etc. Which means, every child born in that era, had a specific role that had already been assigned to him/her. They had no choice but be good in what they were designed to be. For example, for a person chosen to be an accountant, he/she will perform well as an accountant, but will not be good as a leader or entertainer.

Then the guide spoke for the first time. This is the era when all negativity/badness have been eradicated including free will. I just nodded not knowing what to say. No one steals because everyone has enough to eat. No unnecessary spending or shopping. Everything is provided by the "elite group", the Illuminati of the era, basically comprised of immortals. Whenever their genes grow old, they replace them or regrow new ones. I asked for permission to see the Illuminati but the guide said it has been a long enough time and I had to come back to my time in 1995-1996.

As we know, even today, we have the so-called advanced technology that can regrow meat in test tubes, do fertilization in test tubes, do various gene manipulations, grow artificial skins for burn victims, etc. Now, I can see fully dark/grayish buildings even in my own country. We already have the three-class system - the rich, the moderate, and the poor. We are going cashless and soon all our personal data is going to be collected by the government (in the name of safety concerns). Our names will soon be replaced by just numbers.

Could my traveling to the future be true? Your guess is as good as mine.

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