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Student Story: My amazing experience during the e-Fusion class

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Hi! My name is Kim.

I attended the e-fusion class on 3rd and 4th June 2017, this being my third resit. Big question mark? What else can I learn? I learnt about cleansing, energizing, how to scan the aura of a person, understand the 7 different bodies of a person and the effects on the physical bodies. I also learnt how to use the dowsing rod as an aid to obtain the positive or negative answers.

There were lessons on the importance and understanding of the chakra system - the seven different chakras, colours of the chakras and their correlation to the organs in the physical body. The classes were very informative, interactive and experiential. To top it all, it was fun when we had the chance to practice with the course mates.

My experience

It was a learning curve for me and I am glad I made the effort to attend the e-Fusion class, even though I had just fractured my foot and three of the metatarsal bones were broken. My right leg was on cement plaster and I was hobbling on the crutches. I wondered, "How am I going to climb up the staircase to the first floor of AMTCT?". I decided the best way was to sit on the stairs and then slide up backwards.

Master Yap taught us about the importance and various methods of cleansing. He said that, sometimes, just cleansing alone can achieve the healing result.

During the practical session, Anita, my course mate, did the e-Fusion cleansing on me and later without me realizing it, I could sit cross legged during the class!

Unbelievable! I am sitting cross legged for the first time.

O-Sensei Astrix also did e-Fusion cleansing and healing for me. Amazingly, the next day, I could walk up the staircase to class just using one crutch!

Kudos to Master Yap for his unwavering dedication and passion in imparting these energy healing lessons to us. Big "Thank You" to master Yap, O-Sensei Astrix, Anita and my fellow course mates!

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