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Additional to Lesson 2: About Understanding Self

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Conversation with my own consciousness  This is an excerpt from GM's conversation about graduation and understanding self.

"Do you understand your "self"? You change your likes, needs, moods (mood swings), body, mind, belief system, etc. Why you need to and why you don't need to? Why do you always jump/change (thoughts, emotions, focus, goals, etc.)?"

"Why can't you be both stubborn or flexible? Since your mind wanders all the time, what can you really control in yourself? You can't understand yourself and you want to understand God? If you don't understand yourself, how are you going to graduate?"

GM: "Wow!"

"That is a fact, right?"

GM: "Yes it is."

"You always teach others about not worrying and yet, the basic fundamentals of your understanding of yourself is precarious. Do you still think you don't need to worry?"

GM: "Well, what is the point of worrying if there are things I just cannot understand like myself."

"Your logic is flawed. Now, do you know why you occasionally cannot get cured or healed? Simply, because you can't understand yourself."

GM: "Seriously?"


GM: "But?? If no one really understands themselves, then no one really graduates?"

"Yes, you are right. In all fairness to you, no one truly graduates. "Graduate" refers to someone not coming back to school anymore."

GM: "That sucks. What is the point then? Surely, someone must have graduated."

"Nope. No one. Answer me this - Time, Space and Matter. What do you understand about it?"

GM: "Well, we have time, we have space and we are matter."

"Are you limited by time, controlled by space and only exist in matter?"

GM: "Logically speaking, yes."

"If your answer is yes, what do you understand about God? Is God limited by time, space and matter? Nope. God isn't. He is beyond time, space and matter. And yet He lives through it. Just like the creator of the computer, he does not just live inside the computer, but he lives outside, inside and through it. You agree?"

GM: "Yes I do."

"Does he understand how the computer works? Let me rephrase the question. Does the computer know how it works?"

GM: "No. Only the creator of the computer."

"Then does this means we don't know how we exist or function????."

GM: "OMG! How are we going to graduate then???"

"You are wrong. The Buddha graduated. How do you know that the Buddha graduated? Just because it was written in history that the Buddha existed and then died, does not mean he graduated. It is a belief. Just a belief. Nothing more. Just like WW2. You know it happened but what actually transpired and what led to the beginning of WW2, no one will ever know. Just like the Kamikaze fighters. Did they really have a choice? History says they volunteered. But did they really have a choice?"

GM: "I believe they did."

"Ah yes. It is what you believe because it was written so. Don't you think they missed their parents, family, and children?"

GM: "Well we were taught that if there is no country, then there would be no family."

"Yes. You were taught so, but history shows countless times that the countries have fallen, yet the families still survived."

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