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Your thought can create illness. Your thought can also heal your illness. by Shihan Lim.

Updated: May 20, 2019

Everything that was created by the Almighty Creator in this Universe is Energy. There is no exception whether it is the seen or the unseen matter. This finding by Albert Einstein led him to derive the equation E = mc2.

What can be seen with your naked eye are all illusion, also, everything around you are just an illusion. Nothing is real except ENERGY. Your house, your car, your pet, your plants, your body, even your loved ones, all of them are just vibration. Our eyes perceive it as MATTER, because the speed (expressed as Frames per Second – FPS) of vibration of the energy that make up these matter is too high and far beyond for our eyes to capture. Hence, we see it as stagnant object/matter.

To date, the smallest building blocks that make up all matters known to us are Quarks Particle. If you ask most of the famous scientists what is Quarks Particle, they will tell you that it is just energy.

Different types of objects were built with different energy patterns that carry different messages/information. For example, the information/message in the energy of our body is different with that in the energy of a plant or animal. In other words, all creations have unique energy that carries unique messages/information. So, if you can alter the information/messages in the ‘energy field’, you can create or alter everything as you wish. What is this energy with unique information/messages?

It is just your THOUGHT FORM. Doesn’t this now sound like you are the co-creator with GOD?

Every one of us were ‘created’ by our parents when they had the thought of making love. The first aero plane was developed by Wright Brother when they had the thought form then that humans can travel on air like birds.
This is the slogan you will always be reminded of. If you place a sugar cube on a stove and burn it, you will get fire, light, heat, gases and some ash. However, if you give this cube of sugar to a scientist to consume, it will be converted into energy and with the thought form of the scientist, many types of creations can be created. You can see, from this simple sugar cube, with thought forms, it will become a creation. Without thought forms, it just becomes ASH.

Your body is made up of about 70% water, 30% carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and some minerals. However, the real you is made up of your own Thought Forms. Your thought has the tremendous power to create and destroy. Your success or failure, your happiness or sadness, your health and illness are all created by your own thoughts.

Since you understand now that you have the power to create your own well-being, can you create your own illness too?
If you fully understand the above-mentioned facts and statements, it is clear that all those so-called illnesses of humans were created by humans themselves which were initiated from their thoughts.

Have you seen those insane people on the streets ever getting sick despite their food, hygiene and living environment? Have you ever asked yourself why? The answer is very straight forward, those insane people do not have the kind of thoughts that will get them sick by eating dirty food, living in bad environment etc.

Knowledge derived from all the inputs by our parents or teachers in school or advertisement and news from social media around us has programmed us and that indirectly controls our thought towards certain restrictions and make us forget who we really are and what our true capability is. We are told that playing under rain will cause us fever, eating food with dirty bare hands will cause us viral infection, high fever will cause brain damage if the temperature is not controlled by taking Panadol/Paracetamol (anti-pyretic), vaccination will protect us against certain diseases and many more. All this “knowledge” has contaminated and controlled our thoughts and thereby reduced us to weak creatures. A child will get fever whenever he plays under the rain due to the ‘program’ set by their parents or teachers.  This happens because their body is already being set (conditioned) to run this standard programming right from the beginning.

Break from the programming!

Can you guess who is benefiting from this programming?

Knowing that our contaminated thoughts can cause illness and if we ‘unlearnt’ those ‘knowledge’ we have learnt, we can break away from the programming that control us. What about those illnesses we have developed from the past programming? Can we revert our ill body to become healthy again?

As mentioned above, POWER FOLLOW THOUGHT, THOUGHT BECOME THINGS, we can change our thoughts and make use of our thoughts to make our body healthy again. Remember, all those diseases or illnesses are also a form of energy. One just needs to find a way or learn some skill or energy healing modality that can alter the vibration/energy with positive information/messages that will return the body to a healthy state.

For those who are new to energy healing or do not know what energy healing is, you may still depend on prayer, mantra, auspicious objects, your “God”, your religion and other means to assist you to focus your thought to become more structured thereby assisting you to perform what you wish.


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