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Lesson 2: Attachments - "We are all prostitutes!

Conversation with my own consciousness!

"We are all prostitutes!"

GM: "Whoa did I just say that?"

"Yes. It is indeed a fact."

GM: "No way can I acknowledge that statement. I have my pride and dignity. Do not equate me with those call girls who sell their bodies for money."

"No, of course not. They are at least far more honorable than us."

GM: "You are kidding right?"

"Nope, I am speaking the truth."

GM: "From where did you get such an abominable thought?"

"I am sorry, but it is the naked truth."

GM: "Please explain further."

"Yes indeed, I would. Everyone has a price on their head. Given the right price, we would all sell ourselves (or even our parents for that matter)."

GM: "No way, you are wrong. But do explain further."

"When I said everyone has a price on their head, I meant everyone is up for sale. Selling themselves to get what they want in life."

"Imagine, you have a son who is sick and you are in desperate need of money. Here comes a guy who says. "Sure, I will give you the money. But I don't want you to pay me back in cash. I want you to sleep with me every time I need you until your son is better. Would you do it? You have exhausted all avenues to get the money and he is the only source available. Would you do it or see your son die?"

"Imagine, your parents' home is being taken away due to whatever reasons and soon they have no relatives or friends to go to for help. You are as poor as a church mouse, will you sell yourself to get that money?"

"In the corporate world, back stabbing and shoulder climbing occur daily. You need to retain the only job you ever worked in your entire life. You have expenses and commitment to pay and cannot afford to get fired. A new job is very hard to come by, especially when you are already in your late fifties. But you have a very young wife who looks like a model and your boss asks you for wife swapping for a week, would you do it? In desperation, we will sell ourselves right?"

GM: "...... I don't know. I have not reached to that situation yet, but if I do, I guess I can become the trading commodity."

"Here lies us humankind. We are human and we are kind. Kind, not as in generous but kind as in typical. Again, when we are desperate or backed up to a corner, we will do anything."

GM: "Is there a way out?"

"Definitely. The reason we are willing to sell ourselves is that we are too attached to ourselves or our loved ones. Attachment is the greatest enemy of all. We are so attached to our family, our jobs, our assets, our comfort zones that we are willing to give in whenever no solutions are at hand. As a spiritual practitioner, having such attachments is akin to going to hell and not being liberated. If we decide to go on a spiritual path, we have to practice non-attachment. Yes indeed, we do what we can, our best to solve the problem or issues but if it can't be done, we cannot force ourselves to sell ourselves. Remember each Individual has a purpose in his/her life time. Some have to go through sufferings that nothing or no one can help. We can't simply help these people even though they are our loved ones. They have their karma to fulfill."

GM: "Which means to say we don't help them at all?"

"No, we just do our best but never over-do it. Whoever these persons are to you, family, relatives or friends."

GM: "You sound so cold."

"Nope, this is how things are. We should neither cry over spilled milk nor feel hopeless when the rice has become porridge. We are all but immortal souls. We are here to experience life. Attachment is not an experience. How can you have the experience of being attached? Once you lost the attachment, you would feel so lost."

"This is not the experience we need. Because we would keep on craving for that lost attachment. That will bring us away or become our stumbling block in our spiritual development. Jesus, Buddha, (and in Bodhi dharma) all left their family and comfort zones just to seek enlightenment. I am not saying we should emulate them, but being non-attached to anything, definitely will make our spiritual path easier."

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