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Mother’s Day

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

I served in the food industry for years before joining AMTCT. When it comes to festive seasons, be it religion related or relationship related, the restaurants are packed with people. Some tables are full of laughter. Some were just “being there” because it is expected by society.

I have never celebrated Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. After I came to understand that these are all man-made social norm that is further promoted and made important by advertisements, I don’t even celebrate my own birthday.

Once I told my mother, “Mom, I will not celebrate Mother’s Day for you.”. My mother looked at me, surprised why her well-behaved daughter would say something like that. I put my arm around her shoulder and told her “Everyday is mother’s day.Not just that particular day of the year.”. You can imagine how she felt.

What is the point of making our parents (or our loved ones) happy on certain occasion, while the remaining 354 days we allow them to be angry, worry, or fear for us? Love and care among people is something natural. It doesn’t need a “Day” or a “Reason” to do so. My mentor always said, “Do not give reason. Just do it!”

What is the point of joining “feed the poor” charity drive by certain organisations, while we ignore them on other days when we walk past them on the street?

What is the point of buying gifts for our spouse, while we cannot even hug them and give them a kiss when we leave home for work?

What is the point of visiting our friends when they are sick in hospital, while we cannot even give them a call and say hi every now and then?


By Shihan Kaku Rebecca Then

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