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Sickness of life

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Definition of Sickness

Sickness, a word always linked to ill health. But is it only for illness? Given today advances in society with superior technology, groundbreaking achievements in modern science and fantastic discovery in the world of micro and nano technologies, we all still face ONE imminent threat, Sickness. Nobody escapes from it. It comes in many forms. It goes to infect the rich, the poor, the well learned and even those who are health conscious. Since the beginning of time, we are constantly plagued with one type of sickness or another. In fact, with modernization, this “sickness” has also evolved. With the pollution of mother earth and the constant enrichment of genetically modified foods, we have made this “sickness” grow even much stronger.

What actually does this “Sickness” mean?  If you were to define sickness in most dictionaries, it would simply meant “unhealthy condition of body or mind”.

It can be a bacteria or virus related problem and it also can be a mental or emotional problem. Unhealthy condition of the mind can come from many angles. It could even be anything that does not go accordingly. Yes that is right. If one’s life is not going according to what he/she wants, or he/she is not achieving the desired results or seem to be troubled with a lot of obstacles in life, then one is “Sick”. It is not normal but definitely common to be plagued with all these problems. There is a difference between normal and common. So never assume what you are facing or going through is normal.

All things, be it creation or destruction, starts with the mind. The weapon that is used for destruction is energy or most commonly known as thoughts and emotions. When we have destructive thoughts and emotions, over time, it weakens us. Just try to recall, when you are very angry/frustrated/worry about something in the past, did you feel tired or exhausted? Some people feel fired up when they are angry, the exhaustion only kicks in when the situation is solved. People who are stressed over a period of time tends to suffer from fatigue.
“Our energy is the fuel for our negative thoughts and emotion. “
How do we tackle or handle these destructive thoughts? Is positive thinking enough? Is having the right diet enough? Is having a non-interference attitude enough? Or some just prefer to stick their head in the ground hoping if what they cannot see nor hear, it isn’t real or hoping this “Sickness” doesn’t see them?

Very often when one comes to see us for therapy or consultation, after hearing about what we do, most people would make this comment, “Oh so you teach people to think positive!”…… No No No. Here at AMTCT we do not advocate “positive thinking”. Basically, positive thinking does not exist. By convincing ourselves to “think positive”, we are negative to begin with. Positive thinking is a trap of the polarity of life. We cannot be “positive” without “negative” as the foundation of comparison.

But once you understand how the mind works and how energy works, once you realize the truth of life on this Planet, slowly this “sickness” becomes non-existent.
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