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The application of the law of attraction decoded - Materializing your dreams

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

The law of attraction (Kriyasakthi) exists at every level. From physical to spiritual. But for the law to work faster and effectively, it would be good to use it when your mind is in the "alpha state". You are naturally in the alpha state in moments when you are very sleepy or when you are just awake from sleep. That is the best time for you to "want" your dreams to come true.

The law of availability

Another factor to consider is the "law of availability". If you are an actor and you want to attract more acting jobs to earn millions, it is fine. But if you want to be a scientist then you would fail or it will simply take longer because the law of availability is not in play. When you send attraction for your wants, you must have moving energy. You must go out and attract it. House is a place for relaxing and rest, so don't stay in your house. If you have placed a printed affirmation, you can read it once before you sleep and once when waking up. Believe you can achieve it. Then for the rest of the day do what you normally do.

Allow me to clarify the "law of availability". To make it clear, here are some examples;

If you are in the teaching profession, it is easier for you to materialize more students than as a teacher who wants to be an actor.

If you are in business, it is easier for you to increase the sales of your products than doing a new business.

For using Kriyasakti to materialize your needs, you must have the sphere of availability. Otherwise, you have to take the time to create the sphere of availability. Complete the affirmations once you have the sphere of availability and your dreams would be materialized in no time!

Influence of Karma

Help the needy

What about Karma? Will a person's Karma affect a person's dream? Yes of course. That is why you need to create the sphere of availability. Without Karma, your sphere will not be big or strong enough. All boils down to your cultivation and your dharma works.

Be less selfish and think of how to help others achieve their dream and soon you would be able to achieve yours.


The easiest way to do cultivation is to do healing for others. Whether you charge or decide to do freely is up to you but the strange thing is, if you charge, your good Karma is stronger and more as compared to when you don't charge.

Why is this so? The answer is simple. When you charge a fee, the patient would be more serious on the healing and the energy that you brought down for the specific healing purpose. The Prana (life force), Light (Reiki) or Divine (Spiritual) energy is not wasted and would be absorbed more effectively by the patient. If you do it of free, generally the patients acknowledge it or accept it lightly thereby minimizing the healing effects. That is why, mostly, healing on family members is partially successful whereas, for patients who pay, the success is higher.

By Master Richard Yap.

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