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Understanding whether you are a slave or a master

In the current context of the modern world, it is important to be discerning enough to understand the differences between the characteristics of a modern slave and master. Where do you stand?

Being a slave

Right from birth and through the years, we were taught the “rules and demands” from our parents and society. We were governed by these rules and demand as we grew up. Always, the definition of what is right or what is wrong was considered from the point of view of society and religion. What we must and must not do have since been programmed into us as we grew older.

We have this mentality; where it is never enough, be it in worldly pleasures or our own progress. We always have this desire to perform better and better. We call this as progress and achievement. We follow the flow of society. Be in the rat race. We don't question.

However, isn't this the mentality of a slave? We work and work to attain what we want and work harder to maintain it or get more.

We stop working when we reach the retirement age (but this retirement age is defined by society) and do we have enough?

Given the socioeconomic situation of our time, probably, we still won't have enough. We then carry on the slave mentality again until our body takes the toll and collapses. Isn't that what happened to slaves in the past? Basically, slave mentality is "fear" of everything. When you are studying, you fear whether you would achieve desired results. When you are looking for a job, you fear whether you will find the one that gives you a good future. When you are alone, you fear that you may not get a suitable partner in life. When your expenses go up, you fear that your income or savings will be depleted (fear of the rainy season?). When you want to live the life you wish, you fear of being ridiculed. When you have a lot of money, you fear of being robbed. When you are from the elite, you fear other elites will out shine you. Whenever you have these mentalities, you are a slave. Being a master is you are free from "fear" Being a Master

A master is a person free from attachments but still enjoys the fruits of his/her labor. It is as simple as that. Being a master gives you the freedom to think and to will whatever you wish. You still live in a society but are not confined to their rules. You are a free person. It is that easy. But can we achieve it?

Just ask yourself what sort of mentality you have and you will have the answer. Being a slave or a master is your choice!

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